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Are you ready to ditch the cycle of social media overwhelm, so you can start Captivating Your Audience
& book new clients with ease?

Captivate Your Audience

Group coaching course for online, service-based entrepreneurs ready to scale their business with higher quality leads.

Enrollment Closes On:

February 26, 2021

Social Media can be a total pain,
but that's only if you don't understand it.

What if...

+ You could have a successful online presence without spending all of your time creating it.
+ You could have control over the algorithms and consistently stay ahead of them.
+ You always had content to post because of one strategy you created.
+ Your content stopped your audience in their scroll to read what you have to say.
+ You could generate HIGHER QUALITY LEADS from your efforts while only spending a couple of hours a month doing so?

What if you could do all of this without outsourcing?

YOU (yes, you) can do this on your own!

With a little bit of guidance to get the ball rolling, YOU can maintain your voice in your branding and be the person that interacts with everyone who engages with YOU on social media SUCCESSFULLY!

Are you caught in the trap of
social media overwhelm?

Time and time again, entrepreneurs like you set out to start their own online business, you research and look up all the tricks for all the platforms that you believe you should be showing up on.


Before you know it, you are overwhelmed by information and social media platforms trying to master all of them and getting nowhere as a result.


A cycle of content development begins, you create....create...create in order to show up and post in all the places.


Then you get burnt out and stop showing up, or you burn out from all the time spent creating and don't even bother to post anything at all.


You then start to doubt yourself, and the social media strategy you set up.


The leads that come in from the few items you did post are blah or lacking in solidity.


With Captivate Your Audience - you can stop this cycle!

One Strategy + One Platform + Captivating Content

Will bring you the consistent flow of clients you've dreamed of.

How it works?


Together we will spend 3 months creating and implementing the social media strategy to bring in your ideal clients.


Group coaching will take bi-weekly through Zoom and a Facebook group will be where we'll connect. You will have lifetime access to the videos through the membership vault.

Understand Your Audience

We will take a close look at your ideal client to determine the platform they are most likely to be on. Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, or somewhere else entirely.

Stop Their Scroll

You want the content that is going to not only stop your ideal client in their scroll, but have them coming back for more.

Create Your Plan

Creating consistency in your social media marketing will save you time that you an devote back to your business or your family.

Amplify Your Hashtags

Understand where you should be using hashtags, which ones to use, how many to use and how to update them.

Audit to Beat The Algorithms

Learn how to run tests to see what content resonates most with your audience.

Networking on Social Media

Learn how to engage with your audience inside and outside of your profile to attract them to your business and really connect with your audience on a more personal level. 

Payment Options

One time payment of

4 monthly payments of

About the Coach

Lindsey White, Owner

I founded Magenta Strategies at the end of 2018 when I realized I couldn't rely on my corporate job. I had just had a baby 6 months back and all of a sudden my company let go of 12 people in one week - and the way my position was, I could've easily been one of those 12. So, I got to work and made my side gig a reality that I've been growing since. Marketing has always been a passion of mine and it was an easy choice to make to help others succeed in their business by sharing my marketing expertise.

You Won't Want to Miss Out

Once the doors to this course close, they will not open up until the next round begins so learn how to optimize your organic reach with a great group of people, with a personalized experience today!

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